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how to book

Reserve Now- If you want to reserve a future spot

Rent Now- If you are ready to rent 

Inquiry- If you have a question


1st Step

  1. Choose storage category- parking

  2. Move-in date- date you plan on arriving

  3. Location- ours

  4. Building- which row you want to be in

  5. Amenity- leave blank

  6. Then click the check box on what unit you want

  7. Then click Rent or reserve now at the top


2nd Step

  1. Select move-in date

  2. Select your invoice period (for monthly rentals click monthly, yearly, etc) Daily click daily

  3. Select first of the month or on the date of anniversary- if selecting first of the month and you started say middle of the month it will prorate it and then you will be charged again on the 1st of the following month.

  4. Additional months- if you want to pre-pay ahead of time- when you add a number you will see in the grey box to the bottom right change the date.

  5. If you know your move-out date put it. YOU MUST TELL US WHEN MOVING OUT before doing so. If you don't know when making the reservation you can add it later when you know.


3rd Step


  2. Type- pontoon, ski boat, fishing boat, rv, camper, trailer, etc

  3. Year- if known

  4. Brand- make of vehicle or boat, etc

  5. Model- model of vehicle or boat, etc.

  6. Color- put what the color is

  7. License state

  8. Reg #- put the registration number of your watercraft. For boats the registration number is the 2 letters followed by numbers and then 2 more letters located on both front sides of your boat.

  9. License #- trailer plate # or rv/camper license plate #

  10. If you have a boat and trailer put them separately and add once done click NEXT STEP

  11. If you don’t have information but NA- we need as much as possible


4th step

  1. Tenant details- fill in your information and the boat info again

  2. Unit key in safe box- don’t worry about this

  3. Delivery address- click same as above

  4. Delivery address- your address

  5. Identity details- you can upload a picture of your boat, etc

  6. Click NEXT STEP


5th step

  1. Make sure everything is correct

  2. Under AGREEMENT AND SIGNATURE- read the agreement- it will have your spot # and your gate codes

  3. Once you have read click I HAVE READ THE LEASE AGREEMENT checkbox at the bottom and sign with your mouse or finger

  4. then click PAY NOW


6th Step

  1. Type in your information 



Once moved in you can go to your dashboard to access all of your account info



  1. You will see all of your billing and if you owe

  2. If you click the 3 dots under ACTIONS you can schedule your move-out. You must either schedule a move-out on here or  text, or email us.



  1. You will see your invoices. If you click the dotted box under INVOICE DETAILS AND PAYMENT RECEIPT you will see detailed invoices



  1. Will show all of your transactions and next invoice due.


HUMAN ICON- top right

  1. You can access your profile and change password, phone number, email address, address. 

  2. You can also add a picture of your boat by clicking the gear icon under the picture and uploading or taking your own picture

  3. My Cards- you can add a credit card and if you want to autopay you can move the switch to the ON or OFF position

  4. Id documents- if you have anything you would like to add here. If existing customer that has signed our previous form we will upload your document here

  5. Insurance- we do not offer insurance so no need to worry about this



  1. It will show your spot number and move-in date and exit code. 

  2. Click LEASE AGREEMENT in order to see your lease and your gate code to enter

  3. Your username and password will be on here as well.

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